Leyso Floor Sink Drain Strainer ABS Plastic Drop-in Basket 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 2-1/4" - Perfect for Restaurant, Bar, Buffet


Bulk Sets: x1
Sale price$14.00


  • [Durable]- Made from ABS plastic for durability.
  • [Versatile]- Floor drain strainer is perfect for any restaurant, bar, buffet, or eatery where water needs to be drained from food or other items.
  • [Safety]- Floor drain strainer drains out water to keep the floor safe and dry for walking conditions.
  • [More Efficient]- With square design, it can drain more efficiently and drain a higher volume of water than its circular counterparts.
  • [Easily Removable]- Notches on the side of the strainer make the device easily removable. Overall Dimensions: 8-½” W x 8-½” L x 2-¼” H.

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