Awoco RH-SP06-BLW+CONTROL Split Super Quiet Range Hood Inline Blower Unit And Control, 4 Speeds 800CFM 6" Round Vent


Sale price$360.00


  • Inline Blower & Control Unit - The Blower unit is mounted in in the attic (above ceiling). Slick looking Control panel with stainless steel case. Use these set up with your existing hood (the blowers inside the existing hood should be removed).
  • 6” Round Vent - 6” round top air outlet and bottom air inlet. Again, NO hood unit included, use your own hood unit. CAUTION: please check your existing venting duct before purchasing, there are rectangle or round ducts at different sizes.
  • Super Quiet 4 Speeds Powerful Operation - 4 speeds (Quiet, I, II, III up to 800 CFM), blue-lighted soft touch electronic buttons with 2 of 1.5W energy saving cold bright LED lights. 3 minutes timer delayed auto shut off to vent the leftover smoke after done cooking.
  • Installation Steps - Mount the Blower Unit in the attic, connect the 6” round ducts (not provided) to the exhaust vent and the current hood vent. Connect the wires to the Blower unit. Mount the circuit box inside the existing hood or cabinet. Mount the control panel to wall or hood front.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty - ETL Certified. Free parts, repair or exchange within 1 year. Awoco high quality product reputation and supreme customer service is a guarantee. Blower unit overall dimensions: 15-3/4"W (with 2 mounting brackets) x 11-7/8"D x 18"H. The control panel is 7" wide x 2" high x 3/4" thick. 8" wide including the mounting edges. For 30" or 36” kitchen ranges

Why It Is Super Quiet?

Mostly the range hood noise is the sound of air whooshing the steam away. The blower exhausts the air out, sucking the nearby air to one direction. For example, the house fan has bigger noise at higher speed, the sound is from the air collision, not the motor. High speed air collision is the cause of the powerful range hood.

What if we move the air collision from the kitchen area to above the ceiling? The restaurant exhaust fans are on the roof; therefore, moving the blower to the attic is the solution for residential to eliminate the range hood noise. Same as the industrial inline blower, this Blower unit is in between the house exhaust vent and the range hood unit.

Super Quiet, Still Using Your Own Hood

Keep your own hood unit but improve the exhausting performance and quiet operation. Mount the Blower unit in the attic, and keep the kitchen quiet.

4-speed blue-lighted soft touch electronic buttons control panel.

Very nice looking stainless steel control panel with 2 holes for easy mounting. This is much better than the noisy mechanical push buttons. Also no annoying “beep” sound while pressing on the buttons.

Other Features & Specifications:

  • Venting Type: 6” round ducts (not included) for Blower air inlet and outlet. (Hardware stores have various adaptors.)
  • 1 Motor and one 7" wide Centrifugal Squirrel Cage Fan Wheel
  • Optional removable 2 of 1.5W energy efficient cold bright LED Lights
  • Power rating: 120V/60Hz, 110W Min /150W Max
  • Noise level at low: 38 dB, 2.0 sones. Noise level at high: 56 dB, 7.0 sones.

  • Package includes:
  • Blower unit with air damper on top air outlet
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • Circuit box with power cord
  • 2 Removable LED Lights
  • 2 Mounting brackets, screws & electric nuts
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