Awoco Compact Stainless Steel Automatic High Speed Commercial Hand Dryer, 1350W 120V UL Listed, 1 Year Warranty


Bulk Sets: x1
Sale price$150.00


  • HIGH SPEED - Dry hands in just 10 to 15 seconds. Round air outlet makes the airflow more concentrated and faster. Safe 68°F to 104°F air temperature, won’t hurt children hands. Hand dryer is not a pesticide device (EPA product).
  • ENERGY & MONEY SAVE - Low energy consumption with superior power. 110V-120V AC, 1150W, low 2W standby power. Eliminates the need for paper towels. 45 seconds overtime protection for 1 continuous run; then next motion triggers a new run. This prevents continue running without attendance to save energy waste, such as sticky gum in sensor.
  • DURABLE & SANITARYEasy to clean one piece seamless brush finish #304 stainless steel. Automatic touch-free infrared sensor detects hands from up to 6-8 inches away. Detachable and washable air filters prevent dust from entering the machine, extending the life of the dryer.
  • QUIET & COMPACT - Compact internal structure makes low noise, 72dB Noise level at 40 inches. Compact design fits limited space area but still meet commercial grade requirement. With power (red) and operate (blue) LED indicators. Note: this unit is hard wired compatible.
  • UL & USA SUPPORT- UL Listed for safety, USA building code requires UL certified equipment. 1 year manufacturer USA warranty with parts, repair/exchange. Customer service and technical support in USA.


  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Drying Efficiency - 10-15 Seconds
  • Sensing Type - Touch-free infrared
  • Air Speed - 60m/s
  • Air Temperature - 68-104°F
  • Noise Level - 72dB at 40"
  • Dimensions - 6.8"W x 6.2"D x 10"H

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